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Do you know how much super you have?

Taking The Stress Out Of Super

Superannuation43% of Australians have super in more than one fund, which simply makes no sense. Having super in more than one account means extra fees, more paperwork and more time monitoring which super funds are performing or not.

In some cases, people simply forget they have super in another fund. But for others, the difficulty in trying to work out where their super is and how to roll it over into one account becomes too much.

That’s where we can help.

Our team can take the hassle out of consolidating your super by finding funds where your super is held, evaluating which fund is best suited to your financial goals and lifestyle needs, and handling the rollover process on your behalf.

Although it take times to do, you’ll be better off in the long run.

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Kim and Sam Reduce Their Super Stress

One of our clients (let’s call them Kim and Sam) had lost track of their super after changing jobs with a number of companies and shifting home a few times.

Although they suspected their overall super balance was healthy, they were no longer receiving annual super statements and had no idea about the performance of the different super funds.

With the help of Advantage First, Kim and Sam were able to track down their lost super and decide which fund was the best to consolidate their super in.

Key Insight

Super contributions are compulsory so why not maximise the returns from your super by consolidating your super in funds that perform. Taking control of your super is the first step towards managing your money better. Advantage First can help you take the stress out of super.


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