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Investment Success

So you’ve been thinking about investing in another property? Maybe rental income has been strong and you expect the good run to continue. Another property might create the additional income and tax savings needed to pay off the home mortgage sooner and improve cash flow.

Financial independence is a goal that many people cherish. Being able to create financial success in a way that encourages and inspires those close to you makes the experience priceless. It means something that is often hard to quantify financially.

Well, congratulations! Being in a position where you have one or two investments in addition to your home is a great achievement. However, did you know there are other investment options that may provide strong returns and tax benefits without having to make such a large outlay.

Managed investments often provide an effective way to broaden your mix of investments to potentially achieve greater investment success. Like any investment, there is a level of risk that you need to evaluate before going down this path. However, Advantage First can help you understand how these investments work and whether they are suited to your financial goals.

Investment success can often be enhanced with a balanced portfolio of investments that provide liquidity and offset risk, serving as role model for other seeking to achieve financial independence.

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Ravi and Kirsty

Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario involving 2 different people (let’s call them Ravi and Kirsty) who are seeking investment success.

Ravi has a home and an investment property. He has been doing well lately and is considering buying another investment property. He speaks to his bank and they agree to lend him what he needs for his next investment property. Of course, being close to maximum borrowing capacity, his ability to look at other investment options in the future may be limited.

Kirsty is in a similar situation as Ravi and also wants to get on a better financial footing. She too wishes to lead by example and be in a situation where she can help her family and friends achieve investment success. She decides to get professional advice from Advantage First on the best way to achieve financial independence. To her surprise, she discovers the benefits of smaller managed investments such as property funds that will give her strong returns and a more balanced portfolio.

After reviewing the Product Disclosure Statements and seeking specialist financial advice, Kirsty invests some of her cash and equity in two managed investments that have the potential to generate better returns than she might be able to get from residential property, and generate tax deferred income payments each month.

Key insight

Managed investments can often create a more balanced investment portfolio and add a layer of flexibility to your investment mix. Remember that all investment carries with it some form of risk, some more than others. Planning your investment portfolio is important and needs careful consideration and professional advice. The good news is that Advantage First can help you navigate this path.


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