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A helping hand

Growing with Heart!

Remember the school playground when it got a bit rough. Some of us made our best friends there. Those friends were made when we either helped out someone in trouble, or we received help.

As adults, we sometimes lose the simple perspective that the best outcomes often come from just being there for others. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Mankind is a largely a story of collective progress where we've helped each other through rough and difficult times to improve the human race.

The helping hand that is needed at an early stage in life is something worthy of passing onto the next generation – and sooner rather than later.

Of course, all this is not possible when personal struggles dominate. The ability to give is greatly enhanced when you are in a strong financial position. Talk to us at Advantage First and we will help you structure your finances so you may get to a position in your life where you can Pay it Forward.

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Jaswinder and Abram

Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario involving 2 different people (let’s call them Jaswinder and Abram) who want to make a difference.

Jaswinder runs a chain of successful Punjabi Cuisine inspired Indian Restaurants. He got a start in the restaurant business after a kind gentlemen took him under his wing when he was in his twenties and showed him how to run a successful restaurant.

Now heading towards retirement, Jazz, as his friends like to call him, decides to give back in a way he has not done before. He opens a small centre for budding restaurateurs and runs free mentoring sessions for people interested in the ins and outs of the restaurant business inviting professionals along that started him on the path of financial success. Having sought professional advice early in his working life about the right financial structure and investment approach, Jazz is in the unique position of not only owning 6 restaurants, but the buildings in which they are located as well as a mix of other investments.

Abram is a friend of Jazz who also runs a similar chain of Greek restaurants. Although the businesses are profitable, all his restaurants are still leased and he has to run a tight ship in order for them to work. He’s paying way too much tax and finding it difficult to expand beyond the 3 outlets he currently runs. As much as Abram wants to help others, he’s just not in a financial position where he can afford the time and money to do so.

Key insight

Financial planning can go a long way in realising your personal and business goals. Our ability to make a difference is often a function of how we make decisions around budgeting, financial structuring and investment planning. it is important to seek professional financial advice before making a decision. We’re here to help.


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