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You’ve been paying off your home for a while now and accumulated a decent amount of equity that could be used for investment purposes. So what should you do? Continue to pay off the mortgage or use some of the equity to create tax efficient, income producing assets?

Congratulations on taking the first step to getting the professional help you might need to make sense of the sometimes confusing world of finance and investment.

At Advantage First, we can help you navigate the relative ups and downs of the financial and property markets. Creating an investment portfolio going is a matter of planning and correct structuring. This is not some mysterious secret.

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Sarah and Pete

Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario involving 2 different people (let’s call them Sarah and Pete) who are trying to become more financially independent.

Sarah and her family have been diligently paying off their home for the past 5 years and now find themselves in a situation where they have more than $120,000 in home equity. She speaks with a financial advisor to better understand her financial situation and identify different investment options that could potentially help her achieve her financial goals.

Sarah decides to use some of her home equity to invest in property. Within 6 years she has paid off her home and has 3 investment properties that she will potentially own before she retires.

Pete, like Sarah, has been paying off his mortgage quickly but decides to focus on paying off his home, rather than look at other investments. As a result, Pete is unable to capitalise on investment opportunities that may have strengthened his financial position.

Key insight

Pete, despite being diligent and hard working, has focused on building wealth using his home leaving him with limited options for generating passive income through other investments. It is important to seek professional financial advice when before making decisions that will affect your financial future.

All investment carries with it some form of risk and it is important to continually review and adjust your financial structure as your circumstances change. Advantage First can show you how to put in place a financial structure and investment strategy that may help you become more financially independent.


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